Treat Your Damaged Hair To a Dose of Keratin


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Time for an honest assessment. Is your hair lacking its characteristic oomph? Does it seem dry, weak, fragile, frizzy or all-around not right? There are many ways to heal unhealthy hair, and one of the most effective ways is with a dose of keratin from a keratin hair care system. Here is what you need to know about keratin for damaged hair.

The Basics: What is Keratin?

At the most basic level, keratin is a form of protein. It’s present in hair, skin and nails. The keratin in your hair is responsible for keeping your strands strong, flexible and healthy. When natural keratin levels diminish—as a result of too much chemical processing, gaps in your diet, hormones or aging—your hair may become brittle, fragile, dull and/or frizzy. Optimal healthy hair contains a balanced amount of moisture and keratin protein to look its best. If keratin in your hair is depleted, it may need a boost.

What is the Difference Between a Keratin Treatment and a Keratin Hair Care System?

A keratin hair treatment is a semi-permanent salon service that temporarily smooths the hair via the application of a keratin-infused formula. The formula applied to clean, damp hair, and is then activated with a flat iron. It coats the hair surface with keratin protein, filling in the protein “gaps” in the hair, and leaving it silky, stronger and more manageable. With a keratin treatment, your frizzy, damaged, dry hair becomes smooth hair for a period of about two to four months until the hair treatment gradually dissipates.

A keratin hair care system, on the other hand, targets over-processed, weak or fragile hair at home, with a keratin shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray that provide regular “doses” of keratin protein.

How Does a Keratin Hair Care System Help Damaged Hair?

A “dose” of keratin can restore depleted keratin levels without resorting to a costly salon service, which may initially leave the hair texture too straight or stiff. Keratin system users report immediate results—hair feels softer and more manageable instantly. Plus, the benefits are cumulative—the more often the keratin hair care system is used, the healthier the hair becomes.

The Biolage Advanced KeratinDose System

For clients in need of a dose of keratin, Matrix salon pros recommend the Biolage Advanced KERATIN DOSE System. The system is comprised of the KERATIN DOSE Shampoo, KERATIN DOSE Conditioner and KERATIN DOSE Pro-Keratin Spray, a leave-in hair treatment. When used together, the KERATIN DOSE system leaves hair 90 percent more conditioned with one application. Each product is formulated with a special pro-keratin complex, along with silk. This chemical-free combination revives damaged hair and transforms it so it’s satin-smooth and manageable, while controlling frizz and damage.

“I've tried almost every leave-in out there,” says Marcus Byerly, a hairstylist in Knoxville, TN, about the spray. “This is THE product to use on over-processed hair. One hundred percent of my clients say their hair feels stronger and their blowouts last twice as long. These keratin hair products make the hair feel like you've reversed time on damaged hair. It has deep conditioning results. But the hair never feels heavy and I've never encountered build-up. It helps even out porosity, so the hair dries quicker. My clients agree it’s worth every penny.”

KERATIN DOSE Sulfate Free Shampoo For Brittle Hair | Biolage

KERATIN DOSE Shampoo for Over-Processed Hair

Creates a rich, sulfate free lather that helps maintain the integrity of overprocessed hair.
KERATIN DOSE Conditioner For Damaged Hair | Biolage

KERATIN DOSE Conditioner for Over-Processed Hair

Moisturizes and smooths to keep over-processed hair silky and manageable
Keratin Dose Keratin Renewal Spray | Biolage Professional

KERATIN DOSE Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray for Over-Processed Hair

Provides instant silkiness, shine and manageability


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