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About Us

Learn more about the history of Biolage, our mission & values today, and our continuous commitment to healthy hair and sustainability.

The Heart of Biolage

In 1990, Biolage was born from the mind of hairdresser and entrepreneur Arnie Miller. Since its conception, the brand has been inspired by natural ingredients, such as botanicals, and known for its iconic white packaging and signature fragrance. Miller saw the opportunity to bring out hair’s natural beauty, touchable and full of movement. .

Today, Biolage is recognized worldwide as a leader in professional haircare, taking haircare to new levels by offering high-performance and professional-quality products inspired by botanicals, and that reputation continues to grow. Biolage is committed to consistently improving its formulas and sustainability standards. We recognize that sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement and we invite you to join us.

Our Mission

  • ELEVATE the professional beauty industry through innovations in high performing, clean, natural and sustainable formulas and packaging.
  • CREATE memorable salon experiences and stunning hair results.
  • EDUCATE hairstylists and consumers on sustainable beauty practices.



Committed To Healthy Hair

  • THE INGREDIENTS: Each natural ingredient is chosen consciously, and rivals the performance of most synthetic ingredients on the market.
  • PERFORMANCE: We strive to transform hair to its healthiest state, because to us natural means professional results.
  • FOR EVERY HAIR NEED: The catalogue provides an assortment of solutions that solve hair issues from itchy scalp to the most porous ends, for always-healthy hair with movement and shine.

Together We Can Make Beauty Sustainable

Producing Sustainably

Our primary manufacturing facilities are making constant efforts to minimize its impact. Plants that produce our formulas obtain 58% of their power from renewable energy and have reduced water consumption by 37% since 2005

Innovating Sustainably

We use a process called lightweighting to minimize the plastic used in our bottles. 95% of the plastic used for our bottles (excluding caps) is post-consumer recycled (PCR), and we are consistently pushing to improve this.

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