5 Tips to Keep Your Scalp Healthy

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Itchy scalp? Oily scalp? Flaky scalp? Here are 5 easy tips from the  Professionals at Biolage to keep your scalp healthy!

With warm weather on the horizon, you’re likely focused on your fitness—looking forward to getting outside to enjoy your daily run or bike or swim. But in addition to boosting your cardio, there’s another realm of fitness that may need your attention—your scalp health and fitness. As you perspire, and sport loads of hats, and perhaps get a little lax on your regular hair care regimens, your scalp might suffer. Here’s an overview of the role your scalp plays in the health of your hair and how to keep it in prime condition.


This is Why Your Scalp Health Is So Important

If you think of your hair as a lovely plant, your scalp is the soil in which it grows. Therefore, a healthy scalp is the only way to have strong, luscious, healthy hair. A scalp that is clogged with oil and debris can inhibit hair growth. A scalp that is too dry can lead to flaking, which can also ultimately clog the follicles that serve as the gateways to new hairs. An unhealthy scalp may also be uncomfortable—it can cause you to feel itchy or irritated. On the flip side, a healthy scalp promotes vigorous cell turnover, which in turn leads to robust hair growth and healthy hair that isn’t too dry or too oily.


5 Tips for a Healthier Scalp


Treat An Oily Scalp With an Oil-Busting Shampoo

Your scalp is just like the skin anywhere else on your body, and just like your skin, it can be dry or oily. If your scalp is oily, that oil will make its way along your hair strands and leave your styles looking greasy and limp. Oil can also clog the hair follicles and prevent hair from growing normally. Your first line of defense is a shampoo that gently removes excess oil from your hair and scalp. A formula like Biolage Scalp SyncShampoo For Oily Hair and Scalp contains cooling mint that helps balance an oily scalp. It feels super refreshing as it whisks away excess oil, which is especially welcome in hot weather! It’s also gentle, so it won’t leave your hair feeling dry or stripped. Pair it with the lightweight Biolage Scalp Sync Conditioner which will refresh and nourish your hair and scalp.


Treat Dandruff With Pyrithione Zinc

Dandruff is a mild type of skin inflammation and often flares up in times of stress. If you notice visible flaking, scalp irritation and itching, you may want to incorporate a dandruff shampoo into your regimen. Look for a shampoo like Biolage Scalp Sync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which contains pyrithione zinc, an antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial ingredient. This Scalp Sync shampoo helps target dandruff, controls the appearance of visible flakes and relieves scalp irritation. It also contains mint to soothe scalp irritation.


Eliminate Buildup

Over time, many people experience a buildup of products, oil and/or debris on their hair and scalp. This buildup has many negative effects, including weighing hair down, causing hair and hair color to appear dull, causing the scalp to feel itchy and irritated, and clogging up the scalp to prevent healthy hair growth. That’s why pros recommend adding a deep cleansing shampoo to your hair routine. Used every third shampoo or so, a gentle formula like Biolage Clean Reset Normalizing Shampoo For All Hair Types  removes impurities from your scalp and hair. It cleans effectively without drying out your hair and it won’t harm or alter your hair color. As a matter of fact, by removing buildup, your hair color will look better than ever!


Exfoliate Your Scalp

Exfoliation is a cornerstone of skincare—it removes dry, dead surface cells and stimulates fresh cell growth for a luminous complexion. When it comes to your scalp, exfoliation is also significantly beneficial. A gentle, oatmeal-based exfoliating formula like Biolage All-In-One Shampoo Scrub will exfoliate and deep-cleanse your hair and scalp. Use it once a week or so and it promises to improve scalp suppleness and root lift as well as leave your hair soft, shiny and smooth.


Massage Your Scalp Troubles Away

It’s hard to find anyone who is anti-scalp massage—it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures! Research shows that scalp massage is also good for you—it can relieve tension, stimulate blood flow, exfoliate and possibly even encourage hair growth. So why not try it? You can use a scalp massager or your fingertips and you can do it on a dry scalp or in the shower with your shampoo or conditioner. If your hair and scalp are on the dry side, you may also want to use a light oil like Biolage All-In-One Multi-Benefit Oil while massaging. Using circular and in-and-out motions, start in the crown of the head, then work into 


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All-In-One Intense Multi-Benefit Oil | Biolage Professional

ALL-IN-ONE Multi-Benefit Oil

All-In-One Multi-Benefit Oil, infused with moringa oil, is a fast-absorbing oil for weightless nourishment and hydration for all hair types.

Scalp Sync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Biolage Professional

SCALP SYNC Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Controls the appearance of visible flakes, eliminates dandruff, and relieves scalp irritation
Scalp Sync Cooling Mint Shampoo | Biolage Professional

Scalp Sync Cooling Mint Shampoo for Oily Hair & Scalp

Cleanses excess oil from the scalp and hair and awakens with a cool, refreshing sensation
Scalp Sync Conditioner for healthy looking scalp| Biolage Professional

SCALP SYNC Conditioner for All Hair Types

Weightlessly soothes and nourishes to condition hair and promote a healthy- looking scalp
CLEAN RESET Normalizing Deep Clean Shampoo | Biolage

CLEAN RESET Normalizing Shampoo for All Hair Types

Hair is deeply cleansed without drying for a clean and fresh feel
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All-In-One Intense Shampoo Scrub | Biolage Professional

ALL-IN-ONE Shampoo Scrub

Multi-benefit shampoo scrub for gentle cleanse of hair, scalp & body


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