What is Diversion?

If you don't know the answer to this question--you're not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is. But you probably have witnessed it. Diversion is when products are sold in "unauthorized" places. For example, only salons or authorized related websites are authorized to sell genuine Biolage products. But you might come across a few bottles in your local supermarket, drugstore, online auction sites or at a discounter. Salon professional products you find outside of a salon are considered to be "diverted."

Why Diversion is Bad?

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. Biolage states on all its advertising, "Genuine Products Guaranteed Only in Salons." This means if you buy our products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than a salon or authorized salon related websites, we cannot guarantee that it is an authentic Biolage product that will perform as tested. Additionally, Biolage products sold outside of salons are typically priced 15% or more than in a salon.
Are you in danger?

You could be. Contaminated or counterfeit products could cause irritation or even infection.

Who is Diverting Products?

Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy..

What is Biolage Doing to Stop Diversion?

In order to protect Matrix salons and to ensure that consumers only receive the highest quality Matrix products appropriate for their specific hair needs, Matrix continues in its commitment to aggressively combat diversion:
- A former FBI agent developed the strategies and oversees the implementation of Biolage's anti-diversion program.
- Exclusive product coding is used to track the movement of Biolage products. This is the method for tracing products to industry diverters.
- We’ve terminated over 3,000 diverters and are tracking diverted products with our secondary coding system.
- We’ve installed a new Quality Guarantee Policy exclusively for salon purchases.
- Biolage representatives undertake regular sample buys at unauthorized retail outlets in the U.S. These products are subsequently decoded in an effort to identify diverters.
- Ongoing intelligence procedures uncover diversion schemes, including those involving stores and misuse of the Internet.
- We are working together with the L'Oreal Professional Products Division brands to cut diversion
What Can You Do to Help Stop Diversion?

Don't risk it, don't buy it! And tell your friends about the potential danger of diverted products! Diversion information can be communicated to Biolage's Security Department by calling the Biolage Hotline at 1-800-503-3997 or by e-mailing us at [email protected].

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