9 Cute and Easy Updos You Can Wear Right Now


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There’s your every day hairstyle and there are the beautiful hairstyles you like to wear for super special occasions. Then there’s that middle ground—the times you want to spruce your hair up a bit, without venturing into bridesmaid hairstyle territory. These hairstyles should look soft and casual and, most important, be easy to do. Team Matrix knows exactly what you have in mind, and here are nine easy and cute updos to inspire you!

Half Up Half Down French Braid

Hair Color Credit: @juypeluqueros

Put an unexpected spin on a half-up updo by creating a French braid along the top and in back. Once you run out of hair for the French braid, switch to a conventional three-strand and secure it with elastic. Don’t worry about making this hairstyle too perfect—a few loose strands around your face add romantic flair.

Dutch Braid Pigtails

Hair Color Credit: @_ashleyparr_

These sassy, youthful pigtails are the exact opposite of a fussy updo. The hairstyle is youthful and cheeky, and thanks to the Dutch braids, it’s completely on trend. The Neapolitan (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) ice cream hair color design adds a fun vibe, too! After securing the pigtails, cover the rubber bands with strands of hair, and curl a few pieces in front to frame your face.

In the Round

Hair Color Credit: @ericakeelen_hair_love

Soft waves and a simple-yet-significant, round hair accessory give an easy half-and-half updo a unique twist. Prep hair with a texturizing hair spray, then create vertical curls with a styling wand or curling iron. After releasing each curl from the iron, tug gently at the bottom to elongate the shape. Pull back the sides, crisscrossing one side over the other, and secure with a striking hair ornament.

Tie the Knot

Hair Color Credit: @uggoff

This easy updo is as uncomplicated as it gets. The top knot bun adds an interesting element, and by gathering the top section, you reveal an unexpected color panel underneath! Simply gather a section at the crown of your head, lightly tease underneath the section to create some lift and volume and secure with an elastic. Then divide the ends and create a knot. Expand the top knot with your fingertips and conceal the rubber band with a strand of hair. Keep fashion hair color vibrant with a color care regiment designed to prevent premature fading.

Embellished Curls

Hair Color Credit: @leysahairandmakeup

Jewelry--like charms and rings--plus curls create an irresistible combination. Here the focus of the hairstyle is in the center. Create two ear-to-ear partings across the top of the head, about two inches apart. Within the resulting panel, divide the hair into subsections. Treat each subsection with a butter-enhanced styling crème, twist and secure. Slip small gold hair rings or cuffs over each twist.

Festival Space Buns

Give the conventional chignon a Bohemian twist with double space buns. Treat hair with a styling oil to tame flyaways, then divide your hair in half. Gather each half and pull it up to the top of your head. Twist until each section collapses into a tight bun and secure with bobby pins.

Expanded Messy Bun

There’s something about the messy bun that makes it equally appropriate for the gym or at a party. The key to keeping this easy updo hairstyle casual is soft texture and an unpolished finish. Gather hair in a loose topknot and then use your fingers or the end of a tail comb to loosen the hair underneath the elastic. Continue using your fingertips to expand the topknot and to release face-framing tendrils.

Textured Half Knot

A quick twist that allows the ends to remain untucked gives this easy updo hairstyle its relaxed feeling. The other crucial element is a loose wave hair texture that creates volume and movement in the hairstyle. After creating waves, mist with a sea salt-infused texturizing spray and scrunch the spray into the hair. Then form the knot, secure it and expand the base with your fingers.

Fan Bun

Try a crescent-shaped updo when the occasion calls for a polished look. Start by gathering the hair in a ponytail at the lower portion of the crown. Secure the pony with an elastic band, pull the elastic away from the head, divide the hair underneath the elastic in half and pull the tail through the hole by flipping it up and over the top. As you pull the hair through the hole, create a loop with the hair above the elastic and fan out the shape. Divide the tail in half, wrap each half around the elastic and secure the ends with pins. Mist with medium-hold hairspray to lock in the style and eliminate flyaways.

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