Biolage Haircolor

Brilliant Color, Zero Damage. Discover our plant-based, no-lift vegan hair color available in 20 intermixable shades to find your next hair color look.

What is Biolage Haircolor?

All-over, no damage, no lift vegan hair color that comes in 20 different shades that your stylist can customize for you for endless shade combinations.

  • Lasts up to 20 washes and strengthens hair*
  • Healthy-looking, shiny hair after ONE service
  • 80% more shine**
  • 10 ingredients or less in every shade
*While using Clear, Cashew Beige, Lavender Blonde, Oat Beige, Mint Blonde, Rosehip Blonde. **Clear Shade.

What Is In Plant-Based Hair Color?

The hair color commonly found in salons today contains a variety of chemical ingredients, including ammonia-based developers that help push the color into the hair strand. But plant-based hair color--like Biolage Haircolor--contains no ammonia. Instead it is formulated from plant-based colorants that are carefully selected, purified and coated with coconut oil to help maintain healthy hair. Biolage Haircolor also contains purified henna leaves with no metallic salts; cassia leaves for intense shine; and a small amount of pure direct dyes used to balance and stabilize each formula. It’s vegan and “clean”--containing no more than 10 ingredients total.

Plant Based Hair Color  | Biolage Professional Blog

What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Hair Color

You’re committed to lightening your toxic load by sourcing organically grown ingredients to eat and botanically based products to apply to your face, body and hair. You’re committed to lightening the earth’s toxic load by recycling, reducing carbon emissions and conserving resources whenever possible. As a health- and eco-conscious individual, you probably never thought hair color would be on the table for you—too many chemicals and nothing natural about it. Until now. Because today, plant-based hair color is a viable way to enhance your hue.

See the results!

Biolage color can be used on all hair types and textures

20 Customizable Shades

Depending on the shade and porosity of hair, our formulas can last up to 20 shampoos.

  • biolage-haircolor-carob-brown-longevity
  • biolage-haircolor-ginger-copper-longevity
  • biolage-haircolor-goji-red-longevity
  • biolage-haircolor-lavender-blonde-longevity
  • biolage-haircolor-roseship-blonde-longevity

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